Microbookeds – Plot / Twist


‘Plotzing?’ That’s not a word.

‘Yes it is. Now let me see. Z on the double letter, P and G on triple words scores. Add in the extra 50… that’s 320 points. Give up now, sis?’

‘Take it off. It’s not a word’

‘Yes it is’

‘No. It’s. Not’

‘Yes it is. And quit being such a baby…’

The scrabble board launches into the air, tiles fly everywhere

‘Mom!’ stomping down the stairs. ‘Tom’s cheating, he’s made up a word that doesn’t even mean anything.’

‘It’s what you’re doing right now, dumbass’


‘Right now’

‘I hate you…’

‘Right now, with your knickers all in a twist…”

Microbookeds – Plot / Twist

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