Microbookends – Brit / Pack


“Brit. Not Captain Britain. Just Brit”

“Why? Because if you x-ray me, you’ll see I’m a motherfuckin’ superhero!”

“Not much of a costume, you say? Rot, this is made of the purest spidey silk. Fine as gossamer, strong as a tank, impervious to any of their bullets.”

“Powers? Faster than The Flash. I can dodge all inky, poisonous barbs. Stronger than Thor’s hammer. In a spot, I can unleash the power of a nuclear bomb. I’m capable of withstanding any onslaught.”

The politest cough.

“The press are ready for you now, sir.”

“Fine. I’m ready. And don’t call me sir. Call me Prime Minister. Now hand me my briefing pack.”

Microbookends – Brit / Pack

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