Microbookends – Merry / Pranksters


“Merry Christmas!” I cry as Walt opens the door.

It’s my little joke. I know it’s not Christmas.

It’s a new room. A new place. I came here last night. By bus. I like it. They said I could eat whatever I wanted.

Walt’s sad, but smiles, leads me to another room with a doctor in it.

Mr Donaghue is there too. He’s a clever man. Uses words like ‘diminished capacity’, ‘criminal responsibility’.

Mom says he’d keep me safe until I could see her again. That was a while ago.

It sure looks like he’s been crying.

“Whassup?” I say. “Usually you guys cheer me up; C’mon you’re my pranksters…”

Microbookends – Merry / Pranksters

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