Tweet Multiverse

@x is a real person.  I follow him on Twitter.

@x takes repeated photos of a single branch of railway line.

@x is travelling by tube, to “another country” as @x tweets it.

@x is unaware, but I am at a play “No Feedback” which has finished early due to audience disruption.

@x takes a photo, as I retrace my steps from theatre back to tube.

@x posts the pic to twitter. I see it on my phone as the tube doors open.  It’s labelled ‘the dream life of William Carlos Williams’.

@x is opposite me in the carriage as I sit down.

@x is short, with watery, clear blue eyes. I stare at him for longer than is polite, confused.

@x says to me ‘there is no meaning but in moments of time’.

One of us got off at Liverpool Street.

I was the man in the green tie.

Tweet Multiverse

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